How To Start Collecting Sports Memorabilia


However far we go back in recorded history, sport has always been a prominent feature of mans leisure and social activities.

Ancient artifacts ranging from gladiatorial equipment and chariot harnesses used in Roman times to pigs bladders kicked around in mediaeval Britain to posters advertising bare knuckle fights in the 18th century and many more items to be found in museums worldwide are evidence that our fascination with sport and competition are as old as civilization itself.


It is no wonder then that the collection of sporting memorabilia has become such a consuming hobby, and perhaps a profitable investment, for so many.


Informed collectors concentrate their efforts by specializing in one sport, and then often in only one section of that sport such as signed baseball bats, sportswear worn by footballers or boxing programs.


The choice is enormous and there are no hard and fast rules on what is likely to be the most absorbing or profitable to concentrate on.


For hobbyists the best way to get started is to try to obtain autographs or items used by the stars by attending events and asking.


The old adage of   ‘if you don’t ask you won't get’ works very well as sports stars are as human as the rest of us when it comes to responding to flattery, we all love it!


You may also get very lucky and get an item from an up and coming star early in their career that in later years could become very valuable.


It is by no means rare to see reports of private collections of  Sports Memorabilia fetching high prices at auctions.


In many cases these collections are the result of enthusiasm for the sport and hobby with little consideration given to an eventual profit.


Which brings us to collectors who look forward to a profitable investment in sports memorabilia and at the same time are likely to be as enthusiastic and as knowledgeable about their sport as the most ardent hobbyist.


They will be aware that the market in memorabilia relating to current sports stars can very volatile, this years hero can quickly become next years forgotten man.


For investment purposes, older is better is safer.


Sports stars and sporting occasions that have retained their status as unforgettable when the years have passed are likely to increase in value as their memorabilia becomes scarcer or rarely reaches the market.


They will attend auctions, study catalogues (there are a number of cataloges and price guides on sports memorabilia), have contacts with dealers in the trade and spend time on the Internet getting the latest worldwide information on their chosen sport.


Keeping up with the sports news can identify opportunities to get in early on a rising stars memorabilia.


Helpful Hints on Collecting Memorabilia


  • Stick to and concentrate on one sport.


  • Become aware of all the sources of information concerning your sport. The Internet is the best overall source of general information with fan clubs and chat rooms often offering opportunities to increase your collection.


  • Price guides and magazines are important. Study them carefully and keep up to date so you don’t pay over the odds for a collectible. 


  • Always be sure to obtain some form of satisfactory authentification before parting with any money. A true provenance accompanying any collectible is a must whether buying or selling.


  • Keep an eye open on eBay! , you could find a bargain.


Helpful Hints when Selling Mororabilia


  • When selling memorabilia, first try and find a price guide, look at eBay. Selling at auction is a better bet than selling to a dealer.


  • Dealers are unlikely to offer much more than half the price listed in a guide.


  • If selling on eBay or a similar online source try to offer items one or very few at a time, and not the whole collection.


  • Check out for Internet sites specializing in your sport, they may have a chat room where you can talk about the items you have for sale or swap.


  • If you are into exercise you probably enjoy or take part in sport.


For those moments when you are not flexing your muscles, collecting memorabilia associated with your favorite sport can be great relaxation and at the same time exercising your mind.  









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tongyun said:

Whatever happened to collecting just for the sake of collecting? I have some photos and autographs of some San Francisco area professional athletes that I would never part with. I just cannot relate to the people who are out to either make a quick buck or scam the public with sports memorabilia. Oh, well.

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