Hot Exercises For Legs To Die For

Strictly for Gals who want to have sexy legs

We want to keep this simple and effective

Legs start with the butt, are their many out there entirely happy with their derrieres?

Well, not me for one!!

Whether you think it’s over sized, flabby, saggy, too small, or even if you think your buns are pretty good you need to work on firming up and keeping your rear trim and attractive.

Why spoil the effect of sexy legs by having an out of shape butt.

  • Squats

Great exercise. They help to firm up the muscles in the thighs as well as the butt and keep the hips in shape.

There are a number of variations on the squat, the best, and also the least elegant, is to stand with the feet about 18 inches apart, hands on hips and keeping the back straight, slowly bend the knees as far down as you can go before returning to the upright position and repeat.

If you are going to do this at work, think about what you are going to wear!

Using a chair for squats is still an effective alternative. Stand with feet 18 inches apart, arms outstretched and heels directly below the seat front, lower the butt slowly and lightly onto the seat keeping the back as straight and upright as possible.

Clench the bottom muscles and lift the body back to the upright position.

An essential attack movement that has to be mastered by fencers, the lunge exercises all the muscles from the hips to the toes and has the added benefit of encouraging good footwork and balance.

Point the right foot, toes forward, about 18-24 inches in front of the rear foot, which should point outwards at right angles to the front.

Flex the knees as if about to sit down so that the right knee is above the toes. Get comfortable and balanced in this position and then stretch the front foot forward as far as you can but it is important that the movement finishes with the knee over the forward pointing toes and not behind them. It is helpful if you imagine you are holding a light sword (foil, sabre or epee) so extend your arm as if in attack mode.

Pause for a moment before returning to the original position, that is defensive, so contract your arm, at the same time pushing back with the front foot. Try to speed up the forward and return movement as much as possible keeping balanced at all times.

Change positions with the right foot forward. Remember to always do the same number of lunges with the left as well as the right foot forward in each session.

  • Leg Lifts

These can be done at any time, anywhere. Whether you lift the legs forward, sideways straight out or knees bent, make sure to tense those butt muscles with every movement.

In fact, just clenching and relaxing the rear while standing, sitting or lying down can do a power of good in keeping those buns beautiful.

Lastly running, power walking, cycling or hiking are all great for the butt and legs as well as keeping fit, burning off excess calories and increasing stamina.

Just one more thing, these simple exercises, together with a good healthy diet, will all help to get rid of  cellulite build up naturally . Trim toned legs to die for, without dimples, below a firm butt are always going to be sexy, attractive and eye catching.  






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