September 20, 2006

Exercise Junkies

Who are they?


Well for one thing I’m not one. I almost wish I were so I could develop my body to perfection but I don’t have the time anyway – the usual excuse.


A true exercise junkie is someone who is addicted to exercise, whether it is to attain the perfect body or because they are hooked on the high they get from the endorphins that the body produces when exercising.


To be a junkie is to have your life taken over


Moderation in all respects.


Try telling that to an exercise maniac. It’s like telling someone they’re an alcoholic. They won’t believe you or at least they won’t admit to being addicted.


How do you recognize someone who has let keeping fit take them over?


It becomes an all-embracing compulsion. The true junkie will eat, sleep and breathe exercise and if he or she recognizes that they have a problem the chances are that they are likely to be a member of several gyms, in order to try and hide their obsession.

They have to feel in control of their lives and bodies and of course strenuous exercise drives all the usual daily worries out of the mind.


Self esteem and body image play a great part in this particular neurosis. Young girls can easily become hooked in order to compete with their peers. Parents or sports coaches often unwittingly encourage children by pushing their offspring into bigger and better achievements.


However if a young girl has an addictive personality or suffers from low self esteem becoming an exercise junkie could be a preferable alternative to becoming anorexic or bulimic


Often a food and an exercise addiction are combined. Watching every calorie you consume can be as much of an obsession as constantly measuring your biceps.


As the exercise junkie continues to grow into adulthood the daily round of trips to the gym or sports hall can take its toll on normal everyday relationships, jobs and finally health can be adversely affected.


It’s not unusual to find fitness fanatics with strained muscles, torn tendons, stress fractures all due to over exercising. And when they miss their exercise sessions they suffer depression because they are missing out on their fitness and endorphin hit


How can I tell if I am a junkie


Ask yourself these questions


  • Do I exercise every day?
  • Do I belong to more than one gym?
  • Has anyone told me that I’m looking gaunt and thin?
  • Do my muscles ache a lot?
  • Do I feel I’ve let myself down if I miss a workout?
  • Do I prefer to go to the gym rather than go out with my friends?


If you answer truthfully you should easily be able to tell whether or not you have a problem


Just remember you will never be truly happy unless you adopt a rounded lifestyle and put things into perspective. Never let one thing dominate your life to the exclusion of all else. If you do, you’re on the downward slope to addiction.


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