September 5, 2006

More Effects of Exercise on Body Temperature

We already know that your body temperature works and ticks like an internal clock controlling our sleeping cycles.


Body temperature also controls the metabolism, circulation and other involuntary activities our body undertakes.



Variation in body temperature also indicates and induces the feeling of being awake or being tired.


Reduction in body temperature induces the feeling of lethargy, tiredness and drowsiness.


Conversely, a rise in body temperature induces the feeling of alertness, feeling of being energetic resulting in better concentration levels.


The rise and fall of body temperature during the day should not be misinterpreted as the need to rest or sleep. This happens many times during the day depending upon the body’s activity level at a given time.


When a human body is pushed for heavy physical activity, the body temperature automatically rises and drops slowly once the activity is stopped. This reduction of body temperature induces a feeling of tiredness or drowsiness.


When your body does intensive physical work during the day, you feel tired when you come back home and just want to sleep. This does not happen due to desire of sleep, but due to drop in body temperature, and the reaction of your body due to the drop in temperature.


If you let this phase pass and wait till your body temperature returns to normal, you will start feeling awake and alert again.


Take A Power Nap in order to recharge your physical energies


  •       10-15 minutes during the day
  •       When you feel sleepy, that is when your body temperature has dropped as it will help in falling asleep.
  •       The nap should not be more than 45 minutes and should not enter deep sleep, which will only induce further fall in body temperature



When you wake from your Power Nap, you may feel drowsy and lethargic due to high melatonin levels. It is important to get your body back to normal temperature with the help of light physical movement and exposure to light.


It is understandable if you feel tired even when you lead a sedentary lifestyle. This does not mean you need more sleep, but means that you need more movement and less sleep. This happens due to frequent dropping of body temperature.       Back to top



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