Are Trainers An Athletic Shoe?


Of course they are!

Trainers or sneakers are a type of athletic shoe that has become extremely fashionable for all ages but especially with the teen crowd who want to impress their peers.

This has now filtered down the ages to the very young. It is not unusual to see small toddlers wearing the latest designer trainers.


Manufacturers are in fierce competition to attract their customers. Some of the better known brands are Adidas, Nike, Reebok and Puma and many are endorsed by celebrities.


Competetive sports today is a highly commercial business with each individual sport such as tennis, basketball, running, etc. requiring access to high performance clothing, and shoes. Specialized top branded sports trainers have become the latest word in street hip shoe fashion.


What are trainers made from?


Trainers are made from a flexible material with rubber cushioned soles and those that have been adapted for track events have spikes in the soles and others such as tennis shoes will have specially designed tread patterns in their soles.


Very different from the first sneaker which was made from canvas and intended for wearing on boat decks.




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