What Is A High Intensity Workout?

High intensity workout training is a form of strength training that uses short intense exercises that need a high degree of effort. Generally this involves anaerobic exercise as opposed to aerobic exercise.

The following cardio and strength workout is designed to take you to the limit by moving from one exercise to the next without stopping. However, they are not intended for the novice.

Objectives of High Intensity Workout

Ease into the routine and take rests when necessary, remembering that as you get used to the exercises the necessity for breaks in between will diminish.

No equipment is necessary but an exercise ball, exercise mat and dumbbells are helpful.

Important - Warm up and loosen up with a little marching or jogging on the spot and stretching for five minutes before getting into the intense exercises.

Each exercise should last between a half to one minute and aim to complete all ten exercises within ten minutes. Repeat up to three times more if you have the will and energy but beware of overdoing the routine until you are sure you can handle it.

There are precautions that you must take before trying this series of exercises. If you have any health conditions such as illness or injury check with your doctor before starting.

For the full set of exercises click the following link :-

High Intensity Workout Exercises

This is a high intensity work out if carried out non stop and particularly if it is repeated two or three times so be sure to take breaks or modify the reps if it feels like getting to much. Take sips of water throughout the session, you do not want to risk dehydration and be sure to take your time cooling off by stretching and jogging on the spot.

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