How to Get Rid of Loose Skin on Tummy and Underarms

It takes dedication to lose a large amount of weight, but losing too much too quickly can leave the body with loose skin that just never seems to go even with targeted exercise.

Areas that are noticeably difficult are the tummy and underarms.

Loose Tummy Skin

As for the skin on your tummy, you should know that it differs from skin elsewhere on your body as it contains subcutaneous tissue whose purpose is to store fat.

It is recommended that weight loss should be restricted to well under 3 lbs a week to give time for your stomach skin to adjust.

Aiming for just 1 lb a week is preferable.

However here are a couple of exercises that may help your stomach problem :

  • Lie flat on the floor facing down, legs extended and feet about two feet apart .
  • With your palms placed beneath your shoulders, lift your body from the knees upwards until your arms are fully extended. Your lower legs and arms will be taking your weight.
  • Arch your back and lift your head so that you are looking up as high as you can and hold for a count of ten, relax back to the floor and repeat after a further ten count.

You may find that it will take time before you can fully carry out this exercise. If so, you can start with your elbows bent or not fully arching your body and over a period gradually, and without over straining, you should get the maximum benefit from this routine.

  • Adopt the same position as above. This time when you extend your arms, keep your legs straight and fully extended so that your knees are raised and your weight is taken on your feet tops.
  • Arch your back and look towards the ceiling and, as in exercise 1, take a ten count, relax to the floor and repeat.

This is important! If you have any back problems you should not attempt these exercises without first getting fully qualified medical advice. Also be carefull not to overdo the work out, just gradually work up to about twenty minutes a day and stop if you feel any discomfort in your lower back.

Loose Underarm Skin

Tightening the skin under your arms is a more difficult problem.

While there are a number of techniques that may work, we have no personal experience or access to anybody who has had success in curing the problem or can recommend a proven remedy,  unless you opt for surgery. Exercising the arms is likely to build up muscle that will begin to fill out the skin but is not likely to significantly reduce the excess skin look.

If you are young your skin is still elastic so you can try increasing the circulation by stroking, buffing, manipulating etc., the flabby skin to get the blood flowing. This will encourage new skin cells to grow and become thicker which can make the skin look firmer.

You can buy firming creams that contain collagen, an essential group of naturally occurring proteins. Massaging the loose skin with these creams may help to plump up the skinand give it a firmer look.

Keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water at all times. This helps keep your skin cells moisturized so averting any tendency for them to shrink and look flabby.

Drinking green tea is said to help rid the body of flab as it produces metabolic rises in the body both during exercise and resting periods. If you dont like the taste you can try peach, raspberry or   tropical.  This, in turn, may help to det rid of the loose tummy and underarm skin.

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