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Do you remember those cartoon ads where a little guy is on the beach with his girl friend when along comes a bully with six pack abs who insults her and then hits her boy friend when he objects to the remark, calling him a “bag of bones”?.

The boy friend takes the advertised body building course and in the next strip has become so well developed that he is able to flatten the bully with one punch.

When you looked at the ad the weakling seemed to have transformed himself into this perfect specimen within days. The beach and the costumes were exactly the same!

Despite that advertisement, to get a well developed muscular body takes time and dedication to a strict fitness regime.

If you want to look good, a great six pack and pectorals will grab attention on the beach, or in the gym.

You will seem to be glowing with good health, your clothes will fit better – no beer gut- and your confidence will increase. Lose your belly fat and get six pack abs.

The first and most important step to getting those six pack abs is to control your diet.

By eating foods rich in protein, together with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables you will lower your body fat. Learn about the best power foods for your body. Your aim should be a balanced diet that is low in fats and carbohydrates that will reduce the amount of excess body fat you carry so your overall condition will improve.

Next start any combination of aerobic exercises that suits your lifestyle. For example walking or cycling to work, daily jogging, swimming, using a home rowing machine or treadmill regularly willand improve your fitness.

Now you can move onto specific exercises designed to get those abdominal muscles looking great.

Sit ups or crunches are probably the most convenient and a very effective way of building up the abs, but they need doing properly.

Squeeze the abdominal muscles to raise your upper body and be sure to let your back muscles do as little as work possible.

You will be better off doing twenty five crunches relying on contracting your abs and curling forward than one hundred any other way.

Reverse crunches or any other tensing or squeezing of the abs will help, even while sitting at a desk or other work station.

Two or three intensive workouts a week concentrating on your abdominal muscles should be enough.

The most important priority is to keep excess fat from your body by eating sensibly. The way to perfect six pack abs is to stick to the diet, do the aerobics to keep your heart functioning properly, and squeeze those tummy muscles.



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