Body Shape | Which Type Are You?

Do you ever look at someone whose figure you admire and wonder why you can’t look like that?

No matter what you do, you just seem to have a body that will never look like that person. You might even have a very nice figure but it isn’t the same.

The reason is because your body type is different and it is impossible to change your bone structure.

To make the most of the body shape you have, you need to know what body type you are and which exercises will help to make your body look its best.


There are three basic body types and most of us tend to fit one type or another.

  • Ectomorph

This body type is characterized by long lean muscles and a slim body with hips and shoulders the same width.

Ectomorphs do not find it easy to gain muscle mass and often have a difficult time keeping their weight maintained.

This body type is also more prone to injury. Some great exercises to help an ectomorph get and keep the optimum shape are lifecycle, treadmill walking, martial arts and kickboxing as a maximum workout.

Planks, step-ups and pushups are also very beneficial.  Basic stretches will round out a good exercise routine for this body type.

  • Endomorph

This body type is often referred to as the pear shape. Its shape is rounder, curvier and softer than other body types with a large bone structure.

Putting on muscle is not a problem for endomorphs but losing weight, particularly fat, is not easy. Because they fear having an over muscled look, women with this body shape will often shy away from weight training or only use very light weights.

However, the best exercise for endomorphs to do is moderate weight training.

This is enough to make the most of this body shape without making it too muscular while giving the metabolism a boost at the same time.

Some of the best exercises for endomorphs include walking on a treadmill with an incline, interval stepping, uphill walking at a fast pace, kickboxing and cross training.

  • Mesomorph

If you are a mesomorph, you are considered to be rather broad shouldered and have either a medium to large frame.

You find that losing fat and weight are not especially difficult problems and gaining muscle mass is easy.

A fitness boot camp workout is a good option for you as well as moderate weight training. A few other good exercises are stairmaster and crosstrainer intervals, running workouts, step exercises, the pilates system and yoga.

Jump rope is also a very good choice for mesmorphs to help maintain a good shape.

No matter what your shape is, you can get it into its best shape and keep it there with the right combinations of exercises for your particular body type.

Just remember that, if you are a mesomorph, you are not going to have the same figure as an ectomorph or an endomorph and vice versa.

You will have no choice but to accept that.

You can be just as beautiful whatever body shape you have been born with.

Gina January 9, 2009

Hi, I’m 13. I have a curvy upper, but my thighs r big!

abhay March 4, 2009

for ur big thighs u should do running for 20min. and then skipping for 20min.

isabel March 7, 2009

hi,i’m 21 my weight is almost 200 lbs and i am stress i dont know what to do i try so many things but none of those items work for me…please can yiu tell me what can i do loose weight am getting marrie in about 2 months and i wanna feel great for that day.please tell me some tips so i can be at least 170 or less. am so desesperate…=( thank you

mikki July 7, 2009

I dont have a curvy body at all. what exercices Can I do to lose weight and get a sexy body in the least amount of time? August 7, 2009

Hello Mikki

I don’t understand what you mean by not having a curvy body but still want to lose weight.

joseena July 22, 2009

hi, i am 22yrs old. i am a tall girl, and my body is flat. I think ma body shape is tube’ shape. and ma chest is too flat. what i should do for maintain a proportional body shape?I want a pear shape. i expecting some useful exercise tips from u.

thank you.

Charu August 7, 2009


I am 34 yrs hving 52 kg. I almost like m body shape, the propblem is that I have flat breast. I need sexy one

keshiadellinger September 21, 2009

I am 20 and I can't seem to find an excersize to rid my muffin tops I am a curvy girl, I like my figure but would love to get rid of my extra weight around my lower stomack and those muffin tops! Does any one know any good excersizes that target those areas?

nirosha November 17, 2009

am niro my weight is almost 80kg i wnt 2 reduce ny body i already use exercise but now i dnt have time to do that i wnt to reduce my fat in back side and stomach and also i wnt shape in my breast. please reply me wat can i do for that reduction. i hope u reply me.

someone November 24, 2009

hi Im 14 and i have a small top but my but and thighs are big (14-16). I want to be able to wear a bikini but to looks to bad at the bottom to wear one. do you have any advice.

KenYaatta December 26, 2009

ok….im am outstandingly tall. im talking about 5’11 1/2. my shoulders are outstandingly braud.i am a very muscular girl(bigger than the average girl) i mean BIG. my breast are not big but saggy. my stomach is fat but its not blubbery like other fat people. ok now to my lower body area…..i have no hips at all. im super small at the bottom and my legs are skinny. my butt is shaped like a triangle and my feet and long and wide. no one thinks that im attractive. now with my face…i suffer with facial hair and my eyebrows are thicker than ever. im not a boy….i just suffer with hirsutism. i weight over 200 pounds. i need help…i want to talk to boys too because im in highschool now and im getting to that age where i should start to look better but it never happened. im also to that age at when girls have atleast one boy that likes her. im just a lost teenager that doesnt have anyone to talk to accept her one best friend….she is soo pretty, have the greatest body figure that you could ever imagine. she gets all the attention and she doesnt even want a boyfriend. when she gets all the attention im standing there looking stupid like ok do you know that im here stading on side of her. SORRY TO MAKE THIS COMMENT SO LONG BUT I JUST NEED TO TELL SOMEONE HOW I FEEL BECAUSE I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP ME

Jaks December 28, 2009

Hi Kenyatta

You have painted a sorry picture for yourself,but I am going to take each issue in turn to see if we can help you.

1. Being tall should not really worry you. All the models are about 5’10″ – 6′ tall.My own daughter is 5’9 1/2″. In fact all girls these days are growing taller than previous generations.

2. If you feel you are fat and flabby in certain areas you should, if possible, get some professional advice for specific targeted exercises.
Also start to follow a healthy eating plan in order to lose some weight.
Exercise and dieting will need will power but it always works.

3. Many women suffer from facial hair. Just look around you at the number of beauticians offering facial waxing, laser or electolysis.If you believe that your hirsutism is severe you must go to your medical advisor.

4. Do not apologise for writing a long comment. You are suffering from low self esteem which, believe it or not, many many girls have at one time or another.Not everyone is born beautiful or clever or talented so what we have to do is use what we have and make the most of ourselves.
Don’t forget that your body will change as you get older and one day you will meet someone who will appreciate you for who you are.

Nichole January 9, 2010

Hey I’m 14 years old and I’m not tall at all I’m 4’11 . I’m the shortest out of most of my classes and I wanna get fit . And have a healthy life . My problem is that I have a little of muffin tops and I hate it . And I have absolutely no butt ! ! ! Is there anyway to make it bigger ? ? A little . I wanna look good for high school. Thanxs for anyhelp yaLl might five me

anonymos February 28, 2010

i’m 12 years old and i’m tall my weight is 100kg, plz help me:(:’(=(

Melissa February 28, 2010

Hey guys I think I’m really short because I’m born in 1996 but I’m only 154 cm. And to top it off I’m 50.2 kg the last time I measured and I’m pretty sure I grew since then. I get sooo embarrassed each time we had to do weight-and-height in school and I remember someone said, “WHAT??? 50.2 kg?”. I wanted to hide in a hole. I don’t know why I’m a whale because I watch what I eat and I do VERY intensive physical training every week. Like run 2.1 km, do 125 crunches, 125 leg-lifts, 10 min squats, 125 push-ups and 55 inclined pull-ups. I only have candy bars once in a blue moon and I’d be surprised if you find any snacks in my fridge on non-festivities. I didn’t use to be this big but it started when I was in Grade 4/5. I have a flat and BIG bum and big boobs. My thighs are curved outwards and I have muscular calves. YUCK. They look terrible when I wear anything above the knees. And my face is too round too. I inherit that from my Dad. It looks like a pumpkin pastry. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me how to be slender like Taylor Swift (I’m her biggest fan)and thanks for all your really helpful tips!

anonimous April 20, 2010

hmm ok where to start.. well i think im an hourglass figure (i had to measure myself and everything) i weigh 108 pounds and im 5’4.. um.. well i eat ALOT and i gained a little fat on my tummy plus i want to get toned…. what can i do?

sheonna April 29, 2010

hi im really short 4ft11 i have a flat butt small hips waist i have a really slim top i have boobs and short slim theighs im really skinny but not quite bonny

someone May 15, 2010

hey , I’m 16 and I’ve a good upper but my problem is my big hips
when i stand in front of the mirror i look so good , but when i look to my back .. it’s kinda different ..
i exercise a lot but i makes no sens
i think that because I’ve inherited it not because i eat too much ..
so what’s your advice for me ?

please answer me ..

p.s : i don’t know if you need to now that but I’m 164 cm tall , 54 kg weight .. my hips 93 cm …… is it too big ????????

Jaks July 21, 2010

Being pear shape is a problem that many women have. It sounds as though you have inherited it but you can make your hips look smaller by wearing clothes that suit this body type and draw attention away from your hips. You should be able to get some good advice from fashion magazines.
The other thing to do is to tone your lower body which will keep your muscles firm and give a less bulky appearance.

gurpreet garry June 2, 2010

i have very slim body, please give me some tips to make my body fit and musculer.
please sir i need it so badly because everyone is making fun of me………… :-(

Jaks July 21, 2010

Hi Gary
Many people would envy a slim body but if you are really concerned that you are being made fun of I would concentrate on body building by doing weight building exercises and slowly adding more weight to the dumbells or machine. Also, without adding junk food, add more calories to your diet.

priscilla July 7, 2010

hey im 13 years old nd i weigh 223 pounds i kno im oobese but im also 5’7 so its reali kinda looks like im not but im an hour glass nd i was wondering if u are an hourglass shaped figure nd u do excersises tht arent meant for ur shape i there a possiblity tht u can lose ur shape or it doesnt matter plzz i need help nd if u can please tell me what excersies to do so i can keep my shape i would i appreciate is

Jaks July 23, 2010

Hi Priscilla
If you have an hour glass figure you will likely keep that shape if you do all over exercises and not concentrate on any particular area of your body.
Concentrate on having a good healthy diet and do lots of cardio for energy and stamina. Don’t do too much weights apart from light weights to give definition

Jennifer July 17, 2010

Hey :)
im pretty short (5 ft) and 132 lbs. I have virtually no boobs and i have thick thighs, and butt. I also have a tight upper abdominal but I have a roll at the bottom (think of the duck from garfield and friends lol) . I am also very active. I am a wrestler (freestyle and greco roman) and play some softball. What can i do to shape up; lose about 15 lbs and tone up. Im very strong , and stout but am pretty soft :(

Jaks August 5, 2010

Hi Jennifer

The only thing you can do to lose weight is to eat less and / or start a weight training plan

keep at it and you should see results.

Body Shape July 18, 2010

I found body types do really help in making realistic goals and understanding how hard you will have to work to achieve your goals. I’m an endomorph and I know I’ll never be supermodel skinny, but I know I can look like Scarlett Johansson who has an amazing body. I hope everyone else learns about body types and can learn to love their body.

lex August 9, 2010

Hi, I’m 5’9 and I have a basketball girl figure. But I have big boobs(not to big) and no butt, its not flat but not hips….long legs…short upper there some exercise I can do to lift my butt, so I can look more proportioned?

Jaks August 11, 2010

Hello Lex
Have you tried the following exercises – Three Butt Busters

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