Why Women Should Exercise

If they want to stay strong and healthy women should exercise. The importance of exercise in women’s health cannot be understated. Not only will she remain strong and healthy but she will keep her figure. Regular exercise will prevent obesity and keep weight gain under control, to the benefit of a woman’s looks and fertility in her younger years and slow down the ageing effect in later life.

Regular workouts are a principal factor in attaining a healthy lifestyle and so help with the prevention of female related illness such as breast cancer and osteoporosis. Exercise improves the circulation of oxygen around the body and this will encourage the removal of excess waste. As a result you will feel less sluggish and more wide awake.

Exercise also builds the heart and lungs making it easier to breathe. Stamina will be vastly increased. With a little planning, it is easy to fit in a health giving exercise routine. Although the reasons why women should exercise are important, it does not mean that you have to give up much of your valuable time or your favourite treats, perhaps moderate them a little.

Choose The Right Time To Exercise

First think about whether you can find the time in the morning, before work or looking after the family, when your energy levels are likely to be at their best. Some of us are night people, so maybe that might be the ideal time to exercise or at a time during the day when the family are at school and your husband at work.

The important thing is to choose a time when you are not likely to be interrupted and you can concentrate on your exercise routines. Even when you first get out of bed in the morning you could do some simple stretches just to get your body moving. Try bicycling, if possible, or walking to work. Always take the stairs instead of the lift.

Watch What You Eat

Even if you are young, look trim and feel fit and energised you should motivate yourself to start taking regular exercise but it is equally important to watch what you eat. You can tailor a healthy diet as well as a keep fit program that suits your lifestyle and aspirations by looking through this or other sites on the internet to pick up workouts and nutrition ideas to incorporate into your ideal daily routine.

Find A Friend To Exercise With

It will help if you can find a friend who also wants to get fit and trim to work out with. Apart from the company in sharing a common goal, a little bit of competition and friendly banter will help make those exercise sessions more enjoyable so that they become a highlight of the day not to be missed rather than a chore you feel bound to keep up.

Joining a Gym Is Not Essential

There are plenty of highly effective exercises that you can easily carry out at home or, if you prefer,  cycling or road work, so joining a gym is not essential unless doing so will make it easier for you to get into a regular work out routine but it will cost.

However, its not a bad idea to have a few gym sessions to get advice from the trainers on work outs, if they know their business they should be able to assess your needs taking into account your age, body shape, and aspirations such as weight loss, and design a program to suit.

Warm Up And Cool Off

Remember that whatever series of exercises you decide on, start gently. Do not try to undertake a strenuous program from the start, just be comfortable with your early routines and gradually build  up and never forget to do the warm up exercises before each start and cooling off when you finish.

Forget Cosmetic Surgery. It is Expensive and Temporary

If you are serious about looking good, being fit, trim and healthy, and slowing down the ageing effect then there is no alternative to exercise and a sensible diet. You can forget cosmetic surgery which is, at best, only temporary, does not encompass the whole body or give any physical health benefits and is a lot more expensive. Your health is important so get exercising regularly!

Next you must think positively about what you want to achieve in both the short and the long term. You are never too old to start a get fit program, the benefits are there at any age but perseverance and continuity are the keys. Never ever forget the importance of exercise and the reasons why women should exercise.

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