How Aquatic Exercise Can Help You

Exercising in water has become a very popular way of toning muscles without putting undue strain on the body.  Your joints and bones do not take the amount of stress from aquatic exercise that it takes from other kinds of aerobic workouts.

Who can benefit from water exercise?

  • If performed correctly, water aerobics or exercises can be immensely beneficial for injury rehabilitation, simply because it is very difficult to exercise on dry land without putting yourself at further risk of injury.  During an exercise such as running or jogging the body weight is compounded up to 5 times when the heel strikes the ground. Due to the buoyancy in water the impact is insignificant.
  • Those who want to maintain their standard of fitness or / and complement their regular training schedule
  • Those who just like being in the water

Benefits of Water Aerobic Routines

  • Low impact, which makes them an ideal exercise for people who suffer with arthritis, those who are undergoing physical therapy, or people who have other types of medical conditions.
  • Water offers a natural resistance, so when you move in the water while exercising you have to push against it.  This builds and strengthens muscle and burns fat.
  • An aerobic exercise routine lasting only 30 minutes can burn up to 300 calories.
  • You only have to be in water that is around chest deep, so you are able to perform these exercises even if you are a non-swimmer.
  • Water aerobic exercises are thought to relieve stress as well as helping to keep you in shape.
  • You can begin slowly and gently and gradually increase your work out as you become fitter.
  • You can exercise in all weathers
  • Can be a form of social interaction if you join in with a local swimming pool class

Health benefits

  • Increased muscular strength and flexibility
  • Improved mobility, balance and co-ordination

Start your water aerobic routine by following these simple exercises



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