Why You Should Warm Up Before Exercising

Carrying out a warm up before any physical activity above the norm is important as it triggers the heart to gradually pump increased oxygen rich blood to the muscles.

In this way your body becomes safely prepared for the strenuous demands that your exercise routines should put upon it.

The effect is to warm up the muscles so that they are better able to cope with the impact, shocks, stretches and possible injuries that may occur during your workout.

On another level a good warm up will bring to your attention any minor injury or illness that you may have previously experienced and ignored as likely to be inconsequential during your workout. While warming up these problems should become more apparent and any longer term injury or sickness can be avoided before it is too late.

A Proper Warm Up Will :

  • Send increased oxygen and nutrients to muscles.
  • Muscles become more relaxed and prepared for stretching due to the increase in blood flow through the tissues.
  • The heart is gradually prepared for the increase in its work rate which will happen when you start your physical workout. This will slow down the onset of breathlessness and allow you to get more benefits from a longer exercise routine.
  • Any increase in blood pressure will be slowed down.
  • Can sharpen up your reaction times and coordination.
  • Helps focus you mentally and physically in preparation for your workout.

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