The Effects of Exercise on the Muscles

The effects of exercise on the muscles can be rather multifaceted. Most people assume that when you exercise the muscles, you will solely develop significant mass. This is certainly a potential outcome if you wish to follow a path that would promote mass building. Also enhancing the size of one’s muscle mass is most definitely a valuable help to the human body.

But, why does the body’s muscle mass grow when you lift weights?

Basically, the process of lifting weights stresses the muscles and makes them really struggle to finish the exercise. Since the muscles would prefer not to deal with such stress in the future, the muscles will grow larger.

Again, while mass building is the desired approach many seek when working out in the gym, others would prefer not to amass mass. They would prefer a leaner and more defined physique intended to deliver a different aesthetic appearance.

Would such an outcome rely on a completely different exercise strategy than a mass building one?

Actually, it would rely on a slight modification to the traditional mass building program.

Rather than lift moderately heavy weights for marginally low reps, the process would entail lifting low weights for very high reps.

This engages the muscles while not overworking them to the point significant mass development is initiated. Also, the enhancement of calorie burning will be enacted through such a workout program.

Of course, when mass building and definition are combined you achieve a total bodybuilding workout. For many, this is a desired workout program. However, there are other benefits and approaches with working out the muscles….

Strength Training Effect:

Strength training entails lifting an enormously high amount of weight for very low reps. This will immediately effect and increase and enhance physical strength levels that can reduce strain on the body when it performs tasks. This, in turn, reduces the potential for suffering injuries.

Endurance Training Effect:

Also known as muscular endurance training it entails exercising the muscles so they do not tire easily. While many people assume that endurance training is exclusively needed for athletic performance, this is not the case at all. The effect of improving muscular endurance will enhance the quality of your life since the body is performing at peak performance in all it does.

Of course, there are other great benefits that can be derived from exercising the muscles. There is a significant increase in metabolism when the muscles are enhanced. This is because lean muscle will require a great many calories to maintain size and shape. As a result, the metabolism will become a calorie burning furnace as a result.

Additionally, the human body will become much more oxygenated due to the development of the muscles. This is due to the enhanced lung capacity that weight lifting and exercise promote. A similar effect will take place on the heart. Specifically, the heart will be able to hold a greater amount of blood while also being able to pump the blood more efficiently and effectively.

The bottom line here is that exercising the muscles will yield a great many helpful improvements on the body. That is why it is a process that is perfect for those wishing to improve their overall health and fitness.


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