How To Do Desk Exercises

Desk Exercises

More and more of us are earning our living by spending large amounts of time sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen as the move into the age of technology gathers pace.

This lack of mobility for long stretches of time will have a detrimental effect on our bodies, our health and our well being.

Fortunately there are answers for those who want to retain, or even regain, their fitness and a trim and toned body whilst gainfully employed, it is called desk exercising.

There are two types of desk exercising,

  1. The first is a series of desk exercises that you can do whilst sitting and continuing to work on your keyboard or other work activity.
  2. The second type of desk exercises are those that you can do when you have a free moment while a page or program is loading or perhaps when you are on the telephone, whatever you are doing that allows you to stand for a while without interfering with your work.

Desk exercises while you work should, in most cases, be unobtrusive, after all the boss may take exception if your exercises are active and even noisy.

The least noticeable exercises to do at your desk are those that involve the tightening of muscles.

Start by tensing and holding the biceps and lower arm muscles for 15 seconds and then relaxing them for another 15 seconds, repeat several times and at intervals during the day.

Move on to the shoulder muscles, the pectorals, the stomach and pelvic muscles and then thighs and calf muscles repeating the 15 seconds tensing and relaxing routine.

Don’t forget to clench and unclench the buttocks while you sit, this will not only keep the bottom trim but will help to avoid that feeling of discomfort that comes for sitting for too long a time.

Stretch out your arms above your head whenever you get the chance and hold up and extend your legs out straight for as long as is comfortable during working hours.

You may have the opportunity to lift your bottom up by placing both hands on the arms of your chair and slowly raising and holding it up from the seat.

Most important do try to sit upright with the shoulders square at all times, whatever you do try not to slouch down and be round shouldered while you work and spend some time on deep breathing.

For those free moments when you can stand try using the desk for easy push-ups. Place your hands on the desk with your feet slightly apart and away from the desk, bend your arms until you chest is touching the desk top and then straiten the arms, repeat this push up several times and whenever you get the chance.

Rotating the shoulders and waist from side to side will relieve tension and relax the upper body.

Squats are a great exercise and need very little space. These are my favorite whether I am at my desk or limbering up for tennis.

Imagine a swordsman stretching out his arm and leg in combat, if his sword is parried he has to get back into a vertical position as soon as possible so he can move his feet quickly to position himself for another attack or to retreat.

Keep the forward knee over the foot to obtain the best leverage for quickly regaining the upright position, at the same time keeping the arm stretched out. Alternate between the right leg and arm and the left.

Desk exercisers are a bonus to the boss, by keeping fit and trim your work load will seem easier, your energy levels will be high and you will spend less time off work on the sick list.

The added bonuses are that your time spent at work will seem to pass much more quickly and you will have the energy to enjoy your leisure activities to the full.

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