The Benefits of Good Posture

Good posture has both psychological and physical benefits. The image you portray is greatly influenced by your posture. A person who has good posture is likely to be self confident, but with poor posture is likely to portray a negative image.

Benefits of good posture for the body

  • prevents back pains and muscle ache.
  • helps you to avoid stress on the joints.
  • helps reduce muscle tension, straining and overuse.
  • prevents scrunching up of internal organs

Good posture will lead to optimum utilization of the muscles without experiencing fatigue in the long run.

Posture includes the positions you take as you carry out such tasks as sitting, carrying, lying down or even walking. Bad posture is the position of the body that leads to unnecessary strain on muscles, the spine and ligaments. The result of these strains is pain in the neck, muscles, lumbar region or shoulders.

Common examples of bad posture

One can easily be tempted to relax into a bad posture especially during prolonged sitting, such as over a computer, or standing for long periods of time.

Examples of bad posture include: bending backwards and sliding forward on the seat so that the neck rests on the back of the seat, walking with the shoulders slightly tilted forward and bending the neck so that the forehead slants towards the floor, lying on mattresses that are not firm enough to give support and standing up in a bent back position.

Common examples of good posture

Good posture is simply those positions of the body that ensure optimum muscle relaxation and reduces the chances of developing strain related body aches. Examples include: upright sitting with both feet on the ground and the back straight and leaning on the back of the chair, keeping the shoulders back without bending the knees while standing, lifting heavy weights while keeping the back straight and knees bent or sleeping on a supportive mattress that is not too soft.

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