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How Anaerobic Exercise Differs From Aerobic Exercise

An anaerobic exercise is high intensity exercise that can be done for a short duration of time, usually 30 to 90 seconds.

These exercises are intense enough that the body uses the supply of oxygen and then uses creatine phosphate to generate the energy needed for the activity.

The body cannot keep up the intensity of these exercises for long periods of time due to the intensity and the lack of oxygen as an energy source during these exercises.

These activities are used to build muscles. Oxygen is not used during these brief, but intense, activities and as anaerobic exercises are done the body produces lactic acid.

What are the Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise?

  • Boosts Metabolism

A thirty minute workout can cause metabolism to be increased for an extended period of time after the workout while aerobic exercise only changes metabolism during the workout.

  • Builds Muscles

Fast twitch muscle fibers are built during anaerobic exercise

  • Increases Muscle Strength and Overall Endurance

Using anaerobic exercises in your weekly workout increases your endurance. If you increase the intensity of your workout each week your strength and endurance will also increase.

  • Keeps a Youthful Appearance Naturally

Lactic acid is released into the body as it heats up with an anaerobic workout; this is what causes bodybuilders to be out of breath while they work out. It also signals the body to release the human growth hormone triggering the release of free fatty acids into the blood stream.

Some of the most popular anaerobic exercises include weightlifting and sprinting. These are the types of exercises that you use to build muscle by working them quickly and intensely.

This is not the same as jogging or doing an exercise routine with your favorite trainer (on a video or in person). These are the exercises you do a few times a week to build muscle strength and keep your body in shape.

Anaerobic exercises do not burn fat but it does, in the long run, help you to lose weight. Your body cannot burn your excess fat without oxygen.

You can use anaerobic exercise to increase your metabolism so that you can keep your weight under control and build muscles though.

Aerobic exercise can be added to your routine to burn fat and help reduce weight and keep it off. The two types of exercises together create an overall workout that helps the body to stay physically fit.

Beginners should start with aerobic exercise and once their endurance is built up anaerobic exercises can be started.

Professional athletes and body builders use anaerobic exercises to keep their competitive edge. Pushing the body to its limits to gain muscle and gain power is something that helps bodybuilders to meet their goals.

Many popular weight loss and strength training workouts are including anaerobic exercise to speed up the health and weight management aspects of exercise.

Anaerobic exercise not only helps to build muscles and manage weight; the hormones that the body produces while doing these exercises helps to keep a youthful feeling and appearance.

The benefits are not only physical. Depression and anxiety symptoms are reduced and an overall feeling of wellbeing is experienced when taking part in a regular exercise routine that includes anaerobic exercises.

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