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Slow Down Aging With Gymnastics For Geriatrics

Slow Down Aging With Gymnastics For Geriatrics

Gymnastics for geriatrics is an alternative to golf and taking the dog for walks, those familiar ‘stand bys’ that crop up when elders are trying to persuade their loved ones that they are paying attention to their health.

How To Exercise As You Age

How To Exercise As You Age

It is never too young to start exercising but most of us, unless actively involved in sport, don’t really bother until we see or feel the signs that our bodies are deteriorating.

How Should The Over Fifty Age Group Exercise?

This is a difficult one as much will depend on whether and how much exercise or sport has been part of everyday life or if the previous years have been spent as a couch potato.

Keep Exercising To Keep Osteoporosis At Bay

Although osteoporosis is generally thought of as an older persons disease, the fact is that it can strike at any age

How To Keep That Body Fit As it Ages

A fit body is better able to cope with stress, mental alertness is increased, and our emotions are easier to keep under control. To keep old age at bay, start getting fit today!!

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