How To Exercise As You Age

It ‘s never too late to start exercising but most of us, unless actively involved in sport, don’t really bother until we see or feel the signs that our bodies are deteriorating.

The aging process becomes noticeable in our thirties and, unless addressed promptly, accelerates at each passing year.

It simply is not good enough to think that a weekend round of golf, an hour or so of tennis, or a brisk walk to the office every morning is going to lead to an everlastingly trim body.

The older we get the more we have to work at staying in shape and you will never be too old to exercise providing you have the use of your legs and /or arms!

What makes some people look far older than their years while others seem to stay eternally trim and young?

The answer is in the genes coupled with the determination not to let the years get the better of them.

If you haven’t got into a good exercise regime by your early thirties, it is going to become increasingly difficult to retain natures blessing of a good body and vitality. You will begin to feel old and once that happens you will begin to behave old!

No-one is going to expect you to participate in extreme sports but to avoid playing catch up organize yourself a good exercise program with some emphasize on muscle building and strength improvement. This will help maintain or improve bone density so that you will be less likely to suffer from osteoporosis in your sixties plus.

Of course as you get older you must be careful not to be tempted to overdo the training, particularly if you have been something of a couch potato for several years.

The key to leading a long, healthy and active lifestyle and enjoying those envious looks you get from people who cannot believe how young and virile you look for your age is exercise and a good diet.

If you are already in your fifties, sixties or seventies and haven’t been actively exercising the chances are your body and level of vitality have visibly deteriorated, however it is never to late to halt and even reverse the downward spiral.

Determination not to give in to aging and to do something about it is the first step. Next devise your own training program or better still take the advice of a qualified professional and get started.

Most importantly of all, have the tenacity to keep up the exercise regime regularly and, using your common sense, try to move on to a higher level of activity as you progress.

Do this successfully and you can be the object of envy to your friends and colleagues, your family will enjoy your renewed enthusiasm for living and you are likely to be around for longer.

As always, good health and happiness does not come as a right, it has to be worked for.

Your 30s

  • Now is the time that you will begin to lose muscle tone and gain fat.
  • Start strength or resistance training and work up to fairly intensive aerobic activities.

Your 40s

  • Age is creeping up and hormone levels begin to decrease.
  • Every year from the age of around 40 women lose about a ¼ kilo of muscle and gain up to ¾  kilo of fat.
  • It is essential to include a combination of aerobic and strength training exercise.
  • Even walking up the stairs instead of the elevator, taking the dog for a decent walk can help towards reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  • Start doing some stretching exercise to keep your self supple.

Your 50s

  • Your bone density can drop rapidly in the years immediately following menopause.
  • This is the time for major weight gain due to hormonal changes and loss of muscle mass, especially round the middle area.
  • Stomach exercise should be a regular part of your exercise regime.
  • Swimming is a good choice for those who suffer from arthritis as the water will take the pressure away from your joints.

Your 60s +

  • Its never too late to start even if you have lived a sedentary life.
  • Just take it more easily than you would have done in your earlier days.
  • Walking, swimming gentle stretching are all recommended.



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  1. Janice X says:

    I have just finished reading this excellent article and it has made me realise that I have got to get started NOW.
    I am already noticing some tell tail signs of ageing when I look in the mirror and I am only twenty eight so thanks for the timely reminder

  2. Jaks says:

    Glad to have helped.
    Its a sad fact that so many people just become couch potatoes the older they get and then they wonder why they look and feel like they do.

  3. peter says:

    Swimming is often suggested for arthritis sufferers.I have never been diagnosed as having the condition but I do have trouble with my knees.I find I have to exercise extreme caution with my movements when swimming, especially when I start to feel euphoric from the exercise so that I push too hard.Breast stroke can cause very severe knee pain unless done very gently.Crawl seems much better as the knees are more aligned and the pace can be adjusted and if the arms do most of the work you can still manage a decent workout.


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